Excelsiors Fixed Income & Growth Bond


The bond offers three maturities with above market returns and at low accessible levels. The funds will be used to invest in income generating assets yielding above average returns. The investment sectors used in the bond include high dividend and blue chip stocks, bridging loans, licensing finance and fixed income opportunities. The asset allocation strategy is unconstrained, allowing the manager to seize new opportunities as they arise and diversify the portfolio. Furthermore, the manager follows strict parameters and due diligence practices when selecting and accepting assets.


  • Term: Interest Payable (per annum):

3 years: 5.5 % 4 years: 6 % 5 years: 7 %

  • Minimum Deposit: $7,500, €7,500, £5,000
  • Maximum Deposit: None
  • Income: Interest paid out annually
  •  Growth: Interest accumulated compound Investors Age Limit: 18 – 75 years
  • Frequency of Interest: Annually in arrears
  • Interest Payment: Each Anniversary of Investment Date


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