Personal Financial Services

Excelsior provides individuals with advice and guidance on various financial matters, carried out by professional and licensed financial advisors.

We help clients make informed decisions about investments, savings, retirement planning, insurance, and more. Our aim is to help clients achieve financial security and reach their long-term financial goals.

We do this by carrying out the following responsibilities:

  1. Assessing a client’s financial situation and goals.
  2. Developing a customized financial plan based on the client’s needs.
  3. Providing recommendations on investment options.
  4. Monitoring and managing investment portfolios.
  5. Advising on retirement planning and estate planning.
  6. Providing guidance on corporate structures.
  7. Providing ongoing financial education and support.

Below is the list of investments and services that we offer:

Capital Guaranteed regular savings plans:

Whether to achieve financial goals like children’s education, financial security or simply improve financial habits we have several solutions for different budgets including capital protected plans.

Direct investments:

We offer various investments with different entry levels:

  • Investment portfolios (stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, structured notes, fixed rates)
  • Corporate bonds
  • Loan notes

Life assurance:

Provide financial protection, peace of mind, and estate planning benefits to your loved ones.

Stock loan:

We work with several banks that provide stock loans, also known as securities lending. It allows the lender to obtain liquidity without having to sell their stocks and incurring capital gains taxes or losing potential future returns.

UK Mortgages:

We are able to arrange mortgages on UK properties at the lowest interest rates.

UK Property:

Invest in buy to let properties throughout the UK. Partial down payment and attractive mortgages available.


We have the capability to service Australian and New Zealand superannuations.

And much more:

International healthcare coverage, trusts, international mortgages, offshore bank accounts and company formation. Car and property insurance (Thailand only).

In a continually developing industry of regulation and compliance Excelsior Worldwide provide members with the platform to succeed.

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