Corporate Financial Services

Excelsior can provide several financial products and services designed to meet the needs of corporations, businesses, and other large organizations. Our services include:

  • Stock loans: type of loan in which a borrower uses their stock portfolio as collateral to borrow cash or other securities.
  • Letters of credit: financial instruments that serve as a payment guarantee between two parties involved in a transaction, typically a buyer and a seller. They are often used in international trade transactions to ensure that payment is made and that goods are delivered as agreed upon.
  • Bank guarantees: type of financial instrument provided by a bank on behalf of a customer, which serves as a guarantee or assurance to a third-party that payment will be made if the customer defaults on a payment or obligation.
  • Capital raising: helping companies raise capital through debt or equity financing.


  • Employee benefit trust (EBT): a type of trust set up by a company to provide benefits to its employees. It is typically funded by the company and can be used to provide a range of benefits, such as retirement benefits, health and welfare benefits, or employee stock ownership plans.
  • Offshore company formation and bank accounts: assisting in finding the ideal jurisdiction for your business and establishing the company and its accounts.


  • Group healthcare: a healthcare insurance plan provided by an employer or an organization to a group of employees, members, or their dependents.
  • Providing guidance on corporate structures.

In a continually developing industry of regulation and compliance Excelsior Worldwide provide members with the platform to succeed.

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